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Protecting Futures

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The purpose of insurance is to make you whole in the event of a covered cause of loss.  You worked hard for it!  You sacrificed everything!  You built it!  And, you hurt for your business, right?  Of course you do.  Now you have to protect it.  

By talking to an experienced restaurant operator, you'll be taking the best steps to help protect your hard earned investment.   


With access to a wide variety insurance companies and their products, I"ll find the best fit your needs.  

Assessing Your Needs

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Start Ups, Established Operations, Expansions and Venue Changes all have different considerations .  

We'll review your General Liability coverage needs, Property liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella, Cyber Liability, Employer Practices Liability (EPLI) and even Liquor Liability insurnace needs.  Everything is on the table! 

We'll discuss hazzards relevant to your business and devise a risk management program to allow you to sleep better at night.

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Meaningful Relationships


The best relationships are built on honesty and trust.  In that spirit, I always consider what's best for you.  

If it's all about price for you, then we're not the right fit.  Feel free to call an 800 number somewhere.  There's just so much more to it than price. 

Insurance is complex and specific to your situation.  If not handled correctly, it won't protect you when you need it.  So you may pay less for something, but if you're not covered, you're paying something for nothing, right?  


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Don't be shy!  If I don't answer the phone on your first try, it means I'm helping someone else.  Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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A Little Background

George Alexopoulos

Business Insurance, Restaurant Insurance, Commercial Insurance Restauranteur, Start Up Insurance,

I celebrated my 12th birthday washing dishes at my family's restaurant in Central Pennsylvania.  I remember it vividly.  The waitresses (that's what they were called in those days) arranged a surprise party in the dining room.  I still have the picture of me, surprised as I walked out of the kitchen wearing my brown velour shirt and white apron.  

At eighteen, I met my wife and soon moved to New York City.  For the next 21 years, I worked in nearly all levels of restaurant operations, including management and ownership.  I ran projects from inception through development, construction and then operations.  

6 children and a lot of grays later, I needed a change.  I sold door to door for a few years with my long time broad line food distributor in the New York metro area; and finally transitioned into Risk Management.  

Today, I take all my experiences and help entrepreneurs like you!  

I care about your business and strive to help you succeed.  I want to be your trusted advisor; so, If you feel as if I'm just selling you insurance, then I failed.          

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